va te faire foutre

someone gave me this on a tram. don't look a gift horse in the mouth i say. (or my mum says)


"U can ignore the fact all you want but that makes it no less real.
So what r u going 2 do about it? Don't b like the billions of others who left it TOO LATE.
God loves u so much! That's y he warned u in the bible & gave his son jesus 2 die on the cross. U have been warned!
Read your bible 2 find out all jesus has done 4 u & follow his example."

2 B SAVED!!!

follow jesus kids, cmon. he's talking to U! i don't really understand his writing. but U!

i understand the pictures of monkeys... YES! they have pictures of MONKEYS! mmmmmm... MONKEYS?

but please don't come back to me if they get you.

was their a look in my eye, i needed saving? did they know?
my name here is hell. and I AM REAL IF U LIKE IT OR NOT!

and even more spooky it is 11:11 and my work here is done. not the number of the beast, but the number of me... goodnight and goodday good people

PS. i didn't really mean it with the rude french. it's educational.

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