i am alive

so alive. or so i hear. not sure how long it'll last. i have aches & bruises. but really all things considered i am feeling just fine. it's a new year. i saw it in in good company at a house by the beautiful clean ocean. listened to trees & ate great food. i hope it's a wonderful year for me and for you. i'm getting old. turn 28 on the 7th. might feel like having a monkey party. you might have to come. maybe.

i was warned not to be so indecisive and stop relying on my luck and take action.

it'd help if i had my phone. i don't and haven't for a week now. will find it soon. will get it together soon. must feed yella dragon... ok.

we can be friends


rhymes with pony said...

phone schmone. i discarded mine on nye...kinda not on purpose though, but lets pretend it was.
in the mean time i am enjoying being locked out of a house i was sitting which has all my stuff in (renters dont get back til mon next week), being robbed on the way home from pub by four youths in the park, having my bank card eaten and destroyed by teller machine (cant get money out at all cause passport is stuck in locked unsat house).
looking forward to being a monkey.

rhymes with pony said...

i am a monkey!!!! my dreams have been realised! I feel peaceful and at one with the universe.

hell said...

you are monkey boy! its on saturday so i will see you there mr lose everything. love you (even in your enlightened state...)

Djali said...

Hey hey we're the Monkees!
(Sorry to gatecrash but I just really wanted to say that)

I lost a lot of things on nye too. It's a good time for it. Oh yes indeedy!