SUCK *self-absorbed in new and worse ways* POST


*cue new-age-y bullshit music

you are an island. you don’t need anyone else to make you happy.
and though you see yourself as a loner, people are drawn to you.
deep and sensitive, you tend to impress others with your insights.
you also tend to be psychic – so listen to that inner voice…
your strength is your self sufficiency
your weakness, you despise authority

funny how something SO very unscientific, and illogical as an internet born on your birthday ‘personality prediction’ can be SO very right.

BUT simply, that’s me. tell me what to do, I’ll fight you. talk deeply with me I’ll impress you, but if I look surly & give you those angry eyes I’d be needing some time alone. to make myself happy. on an island. cuba? japan? Iceland?


I’m supposed to BE the island. not just live in a nice house on the hill on it.

okay FINE

this island is a little adrift.


not in an OH NO! dellie’s gone CRAZY or MISSING kind of way, more a “didn’t I used to be in calm clear waters near some comforting big landmass that served as a helpful reminder of who and what I aspire to be… why now? so very STORMY here… oh yeah it has been that way for awhile. true. and there is still lots of water around and sometimes it’s clear and calm BUT not usually, & now I have no idea which direction to look or go. my psychic* instincts tell me things need to change and they are SLOWLY, but where on earth to start? wasn’t there an anchor of some description, like love or work or art or something? where the fuck am I? “

yeah. Melbourne.

I booked my ticket to qld. I wish I left today. now I feel like I’m just waiting & waiting to go. and I am. distract me someone. PLEASE. I, who used to be so good at it am totally crap at it lately. and I don’t mean by taking me to nasty bars at 5 in the morning…

* OOOOOOGA BOOOOOOOGA I see into your eyes and in the near future you will be overcome by a desire to pay me to do what I like to do anyway, or cook me dinner, or charm the pants off me and or ask me to come on an all expenses paid ‘research’ mission to any of the aforementioned islands with you…


Anonymous said...

hey girl!

just came across yr blog in a random internet stumble kind of a way...so thought i'd say hi!

still feeling lame for leaving the dancefloor at the disgracefully early hour of 4 on sat night...i'll make up for it soon i promise!

want distractions? you can take mine...i've spent today making coffee dates and downloading music...& now i'm reading yr blog...i think i'm trying to avoid something

meet me where the music's playing

problematic said...

ahh the fox lurks waiting to whisk the cheetah to new horizons,
a bushy tail flicks at the thought.

so ill book a flight to iceland,
when's good for you?

maybe the 14th?

a romantic getaway?

i hope you are feeling better cheetah.

hell said...

ooooh this little cheetah is pleased as punch about the mere suggestion of a romantic getaway with a pretty and charming fox......

i have to resist the urge to apologise to all and sundry who stumble upon my blog... but SORRY!

problematic said...

"she tried to flag down an aeroplane... i suppose she needs a holiday"

belle and sebastian