brain dead.

yes. lacking wisdom...

might go to see some art this week... seems to be what everybodies doing.

*if you subtract all those weird shiny athletic types and tracksuit wearers that are everywhere lately... OH OK, and the rest of the world who have NOTHING to do with art ever...

i came back for brookes birthday and i am glad. mostly cause i got to spend some quality time* with her and rachael.

*if you coun't appalling singing, all night drunken rowdy dancing, sunrise in the backyard & champagne swilling as quality time... i do. at least with these ladies.

i realised at the bbq that i had a tick in my head. i told brooke, who tried to pull it out, but better to kill it first... SO what to do with a tick in a dark dingy little kareoke bar. of course, tequila. it worked too. a little on the tick. the rest to put our minds off it. i made the mistake of telling cass. who got a bit too exited & asked if he could have it. having never seen or experienced one. new zealander.

high points in kareoke. LUKE CAN SING! i love it when he does. anna and estelle and fi did a fine tune, but basically i'm struggling to fetch the details.

three weeks can feel like a really long time. i just put up a photo from last week when i was skinny dipping in the river that runs through my parents property. i look so healthy. and felt it too. it seems like a lot more than a week ago.

this also means i miss you. cause to me it seems like i haven't seen you for, well, months. humour me. tell me you missed me too.

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problematic said...

your tequila antics with tick were a topic over BREAKFAST with cass on sunday...
was very funny, especially his little re-enactment.
i hope you arent too sore.

get down to container land at the docklands, and there is lovely little bin on the cnr of lt lonsdale and swanston, and a big beautiful duck flying in meyers place, and a garden hidden in flinders st and....

have a good non-commonwealth games art festival 'our savior' week..