art overdose

i can't sleep. i saw to much art. and i barely saw any.
i have more shows to go to tomorow, and the next day and well, for as long as i can see into my future.
it's all abit surreal finding your way through the crowds to occasional moments of clarity and happy reverie. surrounded by police AND security in the ngv... and the train station and... they're everywhere. so are the clear plastic rubbish bins... and abandoned breifcases... threat anyone?... no not here, all cheerful and friendly...

the show at conical 'mind games', has some lovely bits, mr & ms, in particular. somebody introduce me please! i liked the woodsman up in the roof at acca and shilpa gupta's work in the acmi screengallery part of contemporary commonwealth (what a wank name). i liked the torn shirt with moose picture at gertrude street. billie stones work in the back room at seventh gallery made me laugh, out loud. it's good when art does that. a show at gertrude street did that two years ago, for this festival? video works that i sat down and watched and went back to, something about awkwardness? maybe...

how very fucking helpful dell. anybody?

that's my problem, i'm useless at remembering even the things i loved. crap with names, of books, films, music, people, everything. i've only recently decided i need to keep a list to remind myself what i like. too many drugs? the booze? or just me? the latter i think. i can't remember ever being good at such things, but then, i guess, i wouldn't.

next wave anyone? google it. i'm lazy. fair too. it's four in the morning. night,mr & ms

*thankyou anonymous!


Anonymous said...

i remember sitting and laughing in 200 gertrude with you, but cant remember the name of the show, maybe videos of a man spinning on a chair till he fell off.. carrying a bowl with one hand in the air down a street...falling over alot...hmmm i think...i found a theme song for the chutney club. all of canada loves chutney and dellie..

rhymes with pony said...

i cant remember why i am posting here. some sort of reflex behaviour like the Romero's zombies going to the shopping mall, or pumping gas at the servo. sorry for slapping you last night (tho im sure there is plenty more to come -hopefully you'll forget).

hell said...

hey canada... your right, but still no closer to naming it. it's ok though... i don't so much think these things matter... REALLY... it matters that we saw it and loved it, but not what it was...

ronan. i understand it was just FRUSTRATION that forced you to inflict pain upon my person, despite my having just given you a delightful and calming massage. if you can't take the heat of all those pretty art girls, get your sorry ass out of the kitchen/exhibtion... i know, they are everywhere at the moment. but you love it so shut up & take action.

ps. i'm pleased you commented. i'd like more people to follow your zombieish motions...

pps. your handsome.

both of you.

Anonymous said...

here is Ms & Mr's website. my friends won't take my complaints about too many openings seriously! they say, 'oh the art life - its the hard life 'aint it?'

glad you liked my show. or bits of it.