hello north queensland

i'm thinking of home. i've just been on the phone to my mum & dad... & watching the news. a rare thing for me, but i wanted to see what they've been through... they had an anxious and terrifying day. it was a direct hit category 5 cyclone. luckily it passed over quite quickly.

so yes, my family are all fine, their houses managed to mostly hold together, so, relief. phoebe said her roof was lifting about 8 inches then falling, but luckily it was towards the end, and wasn't lost. my dad's brother rang and asked if they had seen his chimney. he lives on the other side of the mountain range, 15 kilometres away. they hadn't... a lot of damage though. which is more than a little heartbreaking since I know how much work they put into their properties. and that goes for everyone...
they have a lot of work to do, but are fine. i have been anxious all day too, my belly is still all upset and i'm thousands of kilometres away...

cyclone larry.

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