cyclone larry

another cylone, this one was headed strait for a lot of my loved ones. and featured winds stronger than have been seen since cyclone tracy. mum & dad's phone cuts out at the first sign of any heavy monsoonal rain so of course they are uncontactable. telstra's famed commitment to services in the bush. they'll be fine, but you know, it would be nicer to know.

in other news i broke my camera so it might get a little dull and sad around here, as photos tend to tide us over the more unenthusiastic periods... maybe it's fixable. i certainly can't afford to replace it. i love it and have seen over a million things to take pictures of in the week since i dropped it. i got my money's worth though didn't i. still... i'm very sad about it.

BUT just to keep things cheerful, i'll update you on my ever-growing list of art-crushes. why are the two forever entwined? jensen tjhung. what to say apart from, i like his work. oh, shall i also mention he's tall, charming & very handsome. bastard. see his work at the old melbourne watch house, part of the new ruins show, next wave.

but, maybe don't read any of the publicity material. art writing can make my brain bleed. don't let it get yours too.

read this instead.Welcome to Nadstown: but he seemed so into me when he had his hand up my skirt...


kranki said...

Write a letter to the Manufacturer of your camera and tell them how much you liked it and they might just give you a new one if your letter is good enough. It's worked with my Connect 4 game when I was 9.

Maybe write it as if you are a little kid who loves photography. Either way, it would make for a good blog post.

hell said...

hey thanks kranki! i wouldn't have to try to hard to seem like a little kid who loves photography, not so far from the truth.

i'll keep you posted...