I met him at work…

he is four & a half years old.

he brought out a fake poo and placed it on the deck.

small boy pointing to fake poo, ‘AAW DON… did you do that?’

‘you did!’
don’s defence… ‘NO! you did’
‘you did!’

bringing it over to me, ‘hey lady look at this…’

I look.


‘touch it’

‘no way, gross’

‘you have to touch it…’

his mum yelling from inside, ‘leave them alone and come inside’

boy yells, ‘BUT MUM! the lady has to touch the poo’

‘lady if you don’t touch the poo, your fired…’

his mum tried to save me, ‘leave dell alone’

‘who’s dell?’

good question boy.

he could never remember my name. in the course of three days he referred to me as;
the lady,
the woman,
the girl,
the builder,
don’s friend…

yes, I am many things…

namely forgettable

ps. i didn't go to ceres because my lady couldn't go & the thought of being abandoned in the drizzle, BY MYSELF, with a hangover, amongst a bunch of hippies and evil giant prams made my body ache all over....


TOBYtoby said...

Anyone with such refined Lego skillz as you is surely not forgettable. Four and half year olds have no taste or discernment. And also, once they sense something annoys you, however much you try to hide it, they will keep at it.

My friend Amanda was called Commander by a gaggle of the four year olds at the childcare centre she works at. She does tend to be a bit stern and authoritarian, so the new name was a little close to home.

TOBYtoby said...

I'm glad you didn't go to the Market.

Something terrible could have happened

Djali said...

OH, inner city hippies are the WORST!