sunday roast

my housemate flieschy is one of the hardest working people I know… and she had a day off.

we decided to do a roast. but what roast? my favourite is lamb. I love beef. I also love sweet potatoes and kumara and pumpkin. I have also been dreaming of corned beef, though not strictly or even remotely a roast, it still fits in as one of those traditional family meaty dinners that I LOVE.

we went for roast pork, cause neither of us have done it before & it presented a challenge. we cut off the rind for crackling. we ground up salt and garlic & rosemary in the mortar and pestle. we rubbed it in. we left it wrapped in the fridge for a few hours. we rubbed salt into the crackling. we made appley red cabbage. we roasted it with all those veges. it was amazing. especially with the feijoa & apple jelly I made last week. THANK YOU PIGGY. & thank you Hec for the feijoas.

then we ate the self-saucing chocolate pudding that I made.

what else? apart from gloating (SORRY) about good food... not much. trying to take advantage of hard rubbish to clean up this house. it is a huge old house with crazy big high ceilings and wide hallways & I love it. but it’s been a share house for a long time. a stylists nightmare... the HORROR. i want to have a sacrifial burning of a few items... yeah it needs a serious clean-up. & we’ve started. but it’s hard not to also bring more stuff home. damn it. hard rubbish.


sublime-ation said...

Sounds like my house...it has been a share house for so long, my dad and his mate came over one day and said they remembered coming to parties in this house in the 70s, and it still looked exactly the same. It's taken me over a year to get it to a nice state...skip loads of stuff thrown out and recyled, hard rubbish nights, the lot. Plus scouring hard rubbish for better stuff. It's worth it though. Then everyone always comes to your house on Sundays for roasts.

TOBYtoby said...

I cheated and bought an organic roast chicken last night ... normally go to the Vic markets on Sunday, but yesterday was miserable so I stayed in bed.

Made roast lamb for the first time last week. Dear Lord! Best thing ever*.

I gave away my delightful hard-rubbish couch last year when I had to move. It was the ugliestly most kitsch thing ever.

* Obviously not quite the best thing ever, as I can think of several other things that are also rather nice, but the roast is a contender.