ooo wee, scarface

the sun is shining, the birds are singing and it's being my favourite season. by a strict process of elimination, not summer, not winter, not spring....

maybe i'll be able to show off my new war wounds at that rock V's hip hop party. i'm still not too black & blue, apart from the usual bruising associated with my life, but the potential is still there. SO i don't actually have a black eye yet. false advertising. i just have gravel rash & swelling on my cheek. and it still hurts.

the man down the street asked if i'd been in a scuffle...
'just with the concrete'
'well you have a nice day girlie, have you got the day off school?'

yes, he called me girlie.


& yes he thought i was still in school. he might've been blind.

1 comment:

problematic said...

of course you are!
scuffle? of course you do!

see you in shorts and bling or bang (sunch a fine line)
on thursday!