plunged into winter

daytime cold sucks, but I love this winter dark, & I’ve been working in the city quite abit, the library, meetings, studio visits. my brain is ticking over with plans, plans, plans... so when I come out in the city on dusk, a city hiding it’s secrets in the dark & the cold, it's about finding the thrill of warmth & light & people that keep us out of our homes, when we should really be bunkered down with a loved one...

last night I felt like that. ideas, ideas all day, then a desire to stay in the city and find some people warmth. we ended up drinking chilli vodka at hells kitchen. warming. I love this stuff. they infuse it themselves.

then home with kate to cook buckwheat noodles & broccoli & shitake mushrooms, pots of green tea & ginger chocolate listening to her dad’s old records.

SWEET. but it’s a recipe for disaster. I have 2 important meetings today and I’ve been awake, thinking, ALL night. it’s 6:30. the trams have been going for an hour. I might die today.

I watched ‘the five obstructions’ the other night. it’s great. a Lars Von Trier documentary. I haven’t seen that much of his other stuff. ‘the idiots?’ & ‘dogville’. both of which I didn’t care for; dogville, DOG. i'm wishing i could see snoop dogg but instead I’m reading ‘timequake’ by Kurt Vonnegut & Raymond Queneau’s “exercises in style” and am tempted to rewrite this post metaphorically BUT lucky you, I won’t.

ok then, ignorantly...

... the change in weather brings a change in habits, so what? people all over the city in the cold & the dark night, but what else at this time of year? personally I don’t make ANY grand observations about what people do & don’t do. I don’t give a damn either way. I wanted a chilli vodka, so went about procuring it. a good idea, who’s to know? if I were to get fired up and stay awake all night THINKING... GOD, well, maybe I do that ALL THE TIME... and who cares, right?

see, can’t help myself. have yourselves a nice Friday and weekend & if I see you today maybe forgive me for my lack of brain & beauty sleep.


problematic said...

hey dell,
i hope you survived the day of sleeplessness, my my i have had too many to know the lazy haze that sets in about now..
i might have a bike, its been handed down through the kids and needs some fixin' but could be what you need.
its the orange madison... simon z had it, joah had it, cass had it. i had it.
you want it?


hell said...