australia is hurting me...

or death by lamb... roast lamb, with a caramelized fig glaze. me & lizzie bird stole the figs from a tree in a lane nearby. stolen figs taste better.

drew & kate & cass came round for a bit of Sunday roast. it was a combined effort between handsome Donald, hungover ‘I AM DYING MANY DEATHS’ dell & fleischy and ‘cute as a button’ liz who happened to be wearing a knitted playsuit THE WHOLE TIME.

lizzie bird then baked lemon delicious and we can testify that it is THE most appropriately named thing around. so lemon, so delicious.

the piece de resistance was the slide show we had afterwards. don got a projector from a fete in nth Fitzroy & liz pulled out her dads slides from veitnam and her grannies cruise ship holiday snaps. really really wonderful. handsome young soldiers at a pool high diving & posing in oldschool trunks and showing off tattoos. choppers & guns & pinup poster girls in barracks WITH AMAZING OLDSCHOOL BOOBS, and little old ladies having the time of their lives in various tropical paradises...

as drew hugged me goodbye I was stabbed in the neck by the sharp point of cape york on the australia brooch i made. hench the title, 'australia is hurting me' ... OW...

I had such a lovely weekend. annie & sailor spent the day on Saturday. and hey baby. the boy breaks my weak & worn heart. so does the beautiful annie. we are learning to play the dirty dancing theme on the piano, it’s too hard, so we’re working on HUNGRY EYES.

need I say more?

need i mention i also managed to spend FAR TOO MUCH time at the pub, being adoring of my good company and obnoxious to strangers. need i say sorry to all who come across me?



sublime-ation said...

All the lamb was gone so we did roast beef (not as good) and I finally made Apple Crumble...it was better than expected. Some things you can do automatically as you have been doing them since you were 4 with your mum, apple crumble is one of them.
We listened to Derek's show on PBS and he said hi to all the Sunday Nighters out there. That is our new name...Your slide night sounds cool though, we just watched Shawn of the Dead then The Dark Crystal.
ps I've heard the Drop & Roll club requires a serious knowledge of 80s music. Sasha (not her real name) said she was invited but failed the test.

little nemo said...

hungry eyes is a much more entertaining song anyway.