lonely hearts club

I like to meet new people. I mostly like to meet people on the dancefloor. or on a barstool. I like that I’ve met people through my blog. BUT I have never been on a date with a stranger before. so the notion of dating someone who has read my blog, does not appeal to me at all. I invest a lot in chemistry, and besides, I’ve met clever writers who are absolute cunts.

I started this blog with the rather naive notion that people had much better things to do than read my drivel. so I do it for me. cause if I don’t write something down, or a vague reference to it, it will be gone from my sieve of a brain FOREVER. now this means there is a lot of me up here. and it’s too late to take it back. and well. I love it. I love that people read it. TRULY, I’m pleased as punch. BUT REALLY. try to explain to not blogging friends about a date request from a total stranger, and they will stare blankly, ooo creepy! and you will feel incredibly geeky.

which IS NOT ME AT ALL...

YEAH SO, I know, I HAVE A BLOG. whatever. denial is a river in Egypt. geek.

I’d love to meet you all. which is why i talk about what i'm doing. if it's sounds like your cup of tea, come along, we'll chat. but I’d wait til after meeting you to have a real crush. and that’s from someone with fistfuls of inappropriate crushes on the go at any one time.

have a nice day monkeyface.


rhymes with pony said...

hey dell do you wanna go on a date?

TOBYtoby said...
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TOBYtoby said...

Missed my own point.
Attempt two.

This is a conversation I've had several times recently, for several reasons :).

I'm totally from the 'get drunk and meet people instant chemistry school of love'.

I've initiated a grand total of 1 date with strangers. And it is defintiely v. strange.

hell said...

yes ronan, i do.

heres to getting drunk & meeting people

& heres to bloggy geeks

cheers ears