a thousand parties

ronan said he felt like he had been alive for thousands of years and had thousands more still to go. turtle.

I have always felt like I DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME. regardless of how it pans out, it certainly affects the way I do things.
maybe once I have been alive running around like a crazy thing for a thousand years I will be able to slow down and take it all in…

anyway. on the weekend of a thousand parties, I saw a lot of art. I had plans for sleep and plans for work. both of which were undermined by my un-quenching desire for a hangover. yes, I love that shit.

ALSO I had important stuff like friends leaving, & friends returning. oh beautiful andrea, I LARVE YOU... but I pity the poor man who witnessed our reunion, shouty crying ooooaaahhing girls.

there were also hot-tub parties and hours & hours on the dance-floor and horrible combinations of nasty nasty alcohol to attend to.

I developed a bit of a new crush on that dancefloor. but also realized there is not one of my current crushes that I actually want to sleep with. which is a crying shame. ‘cause that would be nice right now.

no. REALLY all I have a hankering for is a hot bath and some big brother. oh yeah, i still like the idea of a miniature donkey… SEE.

animal babies

that baby bear and his bottle is damn cute too. but I saw Werner Herzog’s ‘grizzly man’. did you?

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