we hunted. we gathered.

my weekend was built on a sturdy foundation. ladies. and me with a taste for drinking excessive amounts of unwanted booze… a whole lotta talking and a whole lotta hungover moody moody twoshoes…

how good is this weather for kickin cans?

how good is sunday afternoon for blatant neighbourhood thievery… we got the ladder from the backyard, carted it two blocks to the feijoa tree. daylight robbery. how proud were we when looked at our MASSIVE bowl of fruit.

we hunted. we gathered.

feijoa crumble here we come.

then we got borsht & lemon tart from the ever-loving ladies at babka… which picked up my mood markedly. a little bit of eurovision goes a long way... i think i lasteed four songs. lithuania was a highpoint. so no, I still have not watched big brother…

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TOBYtoby said...

As long as the Finnish Orc-Metal band won, I am happy.
They were they only act I saw and they were totally cool ... flames, bad bad BAD metal, and the lead singer had massive hydraulic bat wings raise out of his back.

And weather and unwanted beer and an excess of fruity desserts make for an excellently indulgent weekend.