excerpts from the family album

ronan & anna are the youth gone wild

anton & andie halloween. bye miss andie... newyork newyork is gonna love you...
anton andie

drew & Stefan 'the brown couch disaster'
the brown couch disaster

me & kate are a barrel of fun
crushes crutches

paul & don discussing wine

simon & kate at the jewish luau. what a handsome couple!
jewish luau

lizzie birdsworth & emma fleischmann with the hand
ladies! please...

because i have been sorting my photos, and it makes me miss my camera even though i have the lend of irina's (she's wonderful) i don't take it with me so much cause it doesn't fit in my pocket, and GOD how slow am i to save for a new one and i so wish i was better with money and also with life.



Jess said...

i so wish i was better with money and also with life.

Oh lord. We should start a club. You can be president and I'll be treasurer.

No wait. Maybe you shouldn't let me near the money.

rhymes with pony said...

we are going pony visiting:
ronanmacewan@gmail.com> wrote:
> hello
> it was such a treat viewing all the delightful ponies on your website. i
> am
> very much in love with this animal.
> i was wondering if you ever had any open days ilanga or beltona so myself
> and my friends anna and dell could come and revel in these wonderful
> creatures in person.
> Otherwise, keep up the good work,
> ronan

On 6/10/06, Yvonne Young beltona@optusnet.com.au> wrote:
+Hi Ronan
Thanks for your email, if you and your friends would like to visit Beltona
Stud and mingle with our little ponies,just email or phone me to arrange a
day that suits us both.
YvonneOn Sat, 10 Jun 2006 02:56:34 +1000, ronan macewan

that is great, yay.
i will get in contact when our exams are over.
thanks for getting back to me

hell said...

it is high time we started a club miss culture...

hopeless cunts? sorry but it has a certain ring to it...

don't let me near the money. i need a manager...

i also need to spend more time with ronan. preferably in the hills just lying around looking at the ponies. neigh. neigh. neighbours.

everybody needs good neighbours.