it ain't easy being so yella

it certainly isn't easy for me to handle a spiky dragon, but i'll do it cause his mums away. and also cause he's handsome.

what fantasy world do i live in where everything is so handsome, even a dragon who looks to me a bit like a cane toad with spikes and a tail... urrrgh. yes i do have mixed feelings.

he wears lipstick too

simon says we post when moody. we also post when we procrastinate. rat post in race. at least it's not so gay. don't know what came over me last night.

oh yes i had curls yesterday. my first time with such lady tricks. i've taken a while to recover from a wedding where i had piles of curls and 400 bobby pins jabbed into my tomboy head... i sulked and got drunk and danced with my dad. as you do.

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rhymes with pony said...

im a moody procrastinator
the two seem to hold hands.
can't come over to st kilda tomorrow night.
do you want to come here instead for a few hours.
ill make you apple and hazelnut crumble.
ill be out for an hour in the evening 8:30 -10ish
either way i want to see you soon.xoxo