Anton took me to this show by Simon Obarzanek at the CCP.

otherworldly young faces, individual and growing, and beautifully captured, frozen in an arresting & awkward stage of development.

then I stumbled upon these wonderful found portraits from arkansas state prison… kind of representing all over the human spectrum, innocence aside…

they have a similar regard for the camera, or perhaps just a similar process.

it got me pondering the possibilities. what they did, and what they might do.

I sometimes get a fright when I see pictures of a younger me. and equally when I look grown up. funny considering the number of photos of me there are in the world. we get used to how we represent.

then, sometimes something else sneaks in.

once, I even looked like a lady. yes, the camera does play tricks.

but still, I do occasionally look ten, sometimes, a hundred and ten.

and i think we could put on any face given the right set of circumstances. glee and desolation and boredom and joy.

this is all rather relevant, since i know i get rather moody here.

then i might just walk out to the kitchen, laugh, get a hug, and have a cup of tea with someone wonderful, housemates, friends & blow-ins... we could go to the beach or play some bad music or wrestle or cook or eat or just hangout. and that would be nice. and it is.

so don't worry yourselves. i'll also try not to worry me.


irina said...

The portraits are so haunting! I love them! Thanks for the link!

sublime-ation said...

they ARE haunting, amazing...it's incredible the way a sepia image of a face can capture so much...

hell said...

yay irina, nice to hear from you missy. i'm exited for you and russia and was talking of sleazy tonight... yella dragon!

yes these pictures make me want to take more photos, real ones...

such a bloody dillettante!

sublime-ation said...

Dillettante? Rubbish!
I was thinking in the shower about photographers (I need the dreaded author photo taken soon) and who I like. Problem is, the photographers I know I don't really like or feel comfortable with. I love Daniel Boud's photos and would like him to take mine but he's in Sydders, then I was thinking Dell, then I thought 'but she's not a professional photographer' but then how come I like her photos better than the pro photogs I know???
You have the eye, and you seem like people would be relaxed around you...just a matter of $$$ and tech.

rhymes with pony said...

people are so ugly beautiful. i forgot how distorted and alien like we where as teenagers, which made us so compelling to each other. seemed normal at the time.