i had a day with annie and sailor. and that is one of my favourite ways to spend a day. belle annie.

my friend irina is off to russia. i came to st kilda to take up house-sitting duties. i got taken out to dinner. lovely people. we walked along the water and got to see and hear the fairy penguins coo coo coo catchyou... and watch them waddle.

and all THAT made me HAPPY.

it's also warm here. WOO HOO.

now i must get to work. true. i have a pressing deadline and have no excuses for distractions as i know no-one on this side of the river...


rhymes with pony said...

youre so loveable dell.
people throwing houses at you.
people throwing deadlines at you.
people throwing dinners at you.
next time i see you im gonna throw my arms around you

hell said...

... and you will throw-ow your arms around me...