well. wow.

here we are again. my life is in total upheaval. actually, has been for years but even MORE SO lately. jonathan keeps promising breakthroughs. but, to quote ms rachael hooper, she of the 'big gay art hand' ...

"jonathan cainer is too busy to be right all the time..."

right now i really want a little normal. do you have some to spare?
because this week i got nothing useful done, i fretted, i cried, i fought and i also had a fever.
BUT then... many good things happened.

the most glamourous lady i love came home to visit. we held hands and gossiped and cried and missed each other.
my friend rama left on a big exiting adventure to challenge her title of 'IMPROVISING CHAMPION OF THE WORLD' ... you know theatre sports... GO dramaRAMA!
I wore the lounging leopard bubble skirt i made, to make me happy. it worked for awhile.

lounging leopards

Pat cooked me delicious soup.
my SO CLEVER friend penelope durstan gave me a pile of delightful angora gloves and scarves and goodies that she made. I AM A LUCKY warm ducky... so very good. you too could buy a pair of her SOFT warm sloves at douglas and hope on brunswick street or the lovely alice euphemia...

they're real good to warm your homeless hopeless heart... i mean hands.

i do hope YOU are good.



TOBYtoby said...

I love that skirt!

I eat much soup and it keeps me warm.

But I have no normal to give. Just soup. Which helps.

ms fits said...

I love that skirt too. It reminds me of our date. x

stringbeanjean said...

well *hello* gorgeous

sublime-ation said...

That skirt is ubelievable awesomeness.
I wonder if Rama is the Rama I used to live with, with the fluffy white cat. I was thinking of her tonight as I walked home and a giant fluffy white cat came and flopped at my feet.
Fluffy cats and gloves and armbands are about my favourite things in the world.

hell said...

that's our rama & her pushka...

sublime-ation said...

Wow! Small world...how weird that I saw a cat that reminded me of Pushka and then you blog about Rama...say hi if she's not gone...we used to live in A Mess togeth.

hell said...

ms sublime,

she's gone, but i tried to convince her to blog about her adventures, so will let you know if she does...

Tammiodo said...

that truly is a marvellous skirt.

I'm afraid I don't have much normal to lend, but if I find someone who does, I'll be sure to direct them your way.

Djali said...

oh-ohh... I think I may have come across Rama at some point too... but I'm not sure, can't remember exactly where and when I was. Maybe I was drunk or dreaming, or maybe there is more than one Rama.

rhymes with pony said...

drunk and dreaming
drunk on dreams
dreams that never stop
dizzy and woozy
eyes closed
elsewhere, somewhere