monday monday

i have been awake for hours. the city has noise. which i notice when i am not sleeping like a drugged marsupial. or a log.

things to look out for this week. i am selfish so it's all about me.

birdie leaving. bye bye birdie.
brookie leaving. bye my brookie.

another week of being IN LOVE.

a sailor day. a date for cake? a film? a job?

a day with both of my emmas.
yes you two. today i am coming to get you.

a dinner with my family in my monkey house.

have yourselves a lovely day won't you. i will be 'tired, monday, blues' by the time i see any of you.


Anonymous said...

..the pies were great!
..especially for lunch...
only get a job it you have time to pretend to work and just look up stuff on the internet..google your friends or crushes..
then make a pie..or soup..play with Sailor..
its all pretend!
business is a state of mind!
...love shmove!..
(but adams great)
and FUCK THIS FREAKIN COLD WEATHER...mmmmmm tropical paradise...tropical anj...tropical storms..(hurricane season)..coconuts....XXXX bcantspell

hell said...

good chook! x i'll miss you.

Anonymous said...
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