clubs anyone?

i've started so many clubs and neglected them too. any suggestions for another?



rhymes with pony said...

how bout
club bulc
for fat people who cant spell good

problematic said...

dell! club dell!

no bird and i were discussing just last night about starting a tea cup club

lots of tea in pretty cups.

just my cup of tea.

see you soon? are you out and about this weekend? kes and scrribble on sunday?


hell said...

tranqs friday and yep tote sunday pretty

sublime-ation said...

tea club I like

esther said...

tea club does sound good.. but you know you wanna join maths club! we're gonna get matching tracksuits... and just think of all the teen movie geek references.

there is also talk of a grammar club.

i wanna join a chutney club or some such... i have jars of marmalade to barter..