soup club

i came home laden with soup and goodness from soup exchange... our best turn out yet.

i made my version of irinas russian mushroom soup, eight mushroom soup... not as good as hers but still real good... sailor was there, sausage club was there, chutney club was there... we ate soup... we exchanged soups... i came away with a couple of hits, le coc balls has to rate as a favourite... hungarian goulasch was spilled on the carpet... winter parsnip & friends, cream o spinach, shitake dumplings, minty pea & more...

i love soup club... and in saying that, i do realise how far i have fallen into nerdness... but it's food, right?

soup kitchen


anna blume said...

hi rony

i'm experiencing the mid week slump but on a brighter note, i will be borrowing a camera from uni soon so let me know when you'll have time and we can spend a day or two making a movie.

are you going part time ? i'm thinking about doing that, so i have time to live life as well as study the strategy of manipulating peoples' minds and where journalism will go in the future.

looking forward to seeing suburban mayhem and miff closing night party on sunday night

finding everything flat and predictable as well. that grey winter sky's really starting to get to me. ready to leave melbourne town again.

over and out

hell said...

i am not ronan, but with luck he will find his way here...

hi anna!

anna blume said...

oops sorry dell i must have had two windows open at 1nce

sorry to bog your blog with talk that would be better off on the therapist's floor

incey wincey spider x

esther said...

wow they look like good soups! are there dumplings in that one to the right? oh yum. or is that the chicken balls? hmm.. there are not enough dumpling soups in my life.