busy busy busy


today I walked miles and miles... down the river, up the hill, down the road, through the forest

played the piano

replanted some trees lost in the cyclone

swam in my river

stared at the water falling over the rocks, for hours, and the trees moving in the breeze…

heart tree leaf

I chopped firewood and lit the fire

had an afternoon sleep

picked mulberries, made mulberry pie

sat about drinking beer and talking to my mum and dad watching the sunset over the hills and rowdy pretty parrots swooping through the yard

watched deadman

listened to my mum play the piano, which makes my heart a bit sore for some reason

that’s all, I’m going to bed

it won’t be long and my dad will be crashing around in the kitchen fixing breakfast with the Italian news up LOUD…


stringbeanjean said...

i can't begin to tell you how wonderful that sounds.

sublime-ation said...

can we come visit?

rhymes with pony said...

i don't know why you come back.
but i am always glad when you do.

cybele malinowski said...

wow. that sounds so much more romantic than my day! computer. camera. lunch. waiting for dinner.

sounds like your having a wonderful time dell

treespotter said...

it does sound a lot like a beatiful day.