It feels like summer here, baking hot sun, the tin roof is popping, heavy grey clouds are building up in the ridges, maybe an afternoon storm… the air smells good, like rain on a cooling breeze.

The birds sound good too. screechy parrots and cockatoos, kookaburras laughing, currawongs singing, willy wagtails, cockle pheasants and a storm bird calling the rain…

I am going for a swim down the river. it’s hot to walk down, but it’s the best place to be at this time... shady spots by the waterhole on big sun warmed rocks… I fall asleep down there, walking home through the paddock in twilight…

Yesterday I made mulberry cake with the first ripe fruit… I have been watching them hopefully since I got here. one of my favourite things ever is mulberry pie, so maybe I’ll make one on the weekend. OHMYGOD. mulberry pie.

other good things… my best ever look at a tree kangaroo. I walked down the river for a swim on Friday and he was crashing round the base of the quandong tree… I must’ve frightened him, but i watched him climb up the tree and find a perch, where he kept an eye on me the whole time I was down there.

I also saw a carpet snake, a king brown, a pair of snorting bulls fighting on the road, a turtle and some wallabies and kangaroos.

I saw a calf fresh born and tiny baby piglets at my sisters place. she has the menagerie, with cattle, angry mother pigs, ducks, chooks and guinea fowl, snakes and goannas… also four free-range boys.

If mum and dad's is health camp, good for the soul and spirit, phoebe's is some kind of cunningly designed sleep-deprivation, over-stimulation, stamina & endurance regime...

I mean that in a good way... i just need to come to mums after a night or two to recoup...

Have a good weekend...


stringbeanjean said...

oh dell...aus is poetry.
you make me wanna hear, see, smell it all.

here in english suburbia, it is also sunny. but it's that pale, chilled bright of almost autumn. this is one of my favourite times.

i can see; a sleeping cat (fluffius cushionus), white washing high above gardens and a strangely birdless sky.
i can hear a radio and a washing machine and i can smell my toast in the toaster.

i will deffo come and visit you one day. *spits on hand and shakes to confirm* you will show me snakes yes?

oh shit my toast!
*runs off*

esther said...

mulberry pie! oh my oh my... i love mulberries... are you up in the tablelands? it sounds so so good. i was there last year and spent so many nights trying to see a tree kangaroo. but no. still, the bestus most wonderful neck of the woods that is.