What did I talk about with my dad over coffee today?

a. Lebanon

b. myspace

c. rainbirds and termites

d. bio fuels

e. moisturizer

f. jay z & Justin Timberlake

g. all of the above

What happens every time I see my grandma?

a. she asks if a have a job yet
b. she asks if I am married yet
c. I am terrified every time I see another scar from having more sun spots burnt, cut, frozen off her pale white skin
d. all of the above

What can’t i see from here, where I sit?

a. 6 large bunches of bananas
b. a fire
c. 2 sheds sans roof from cyclone larry
d. a dead deadly snake
e. a cat eating an avocado
f. none, i see them all

How many snakes have I seen in the last ten days?

a. 22
b. 2
c. 7
d. 13

Which ones wasn’t I bitten or stung by in the last ten days?

paralysis tick
bull ant
green ant
mystery spider
flying ants
angry coral snake

did I see Pauline Hanson on a wendy’s add?

... and finally, one that I still don’t know the answer to because I don’t watch the news...

Is this little piece of paradise still the only electorate in australia with a one nation mp, after yesterdays election?

I’d say probably...


me said...

1. g
2. d
3. f
4. i wish it was b but its one of the others no doubt
5. crocodile, horse, stingray, angry coral snake
6. and yes, probably

please send my prize care of the nearest post office.

Anonymous said...

that quiz is way too hard , you got an easier one?

sweet hoops said...

i said that by the way

hell said...


g d f d
crocodile stingray snake
yes and yes

a fascinating update maybe soon if i can work out how to use the power at phoebes place... hmmm... i will be there housesitting for the next week...

let's hope i work out the power...