wo wo woe

dear world, it's me...

adam left on my birthday. i moped. woe is me. i watched the plane fly away while laying in the sun on the trampoline. lonesome. BUT i ate delicious cake thanks to pene. i saw some insanely adorable brazilians make a racket in a room with not one person i know... yes i do love css. yes i had no friends. except when lovefoxxx recognised me in the crowd and pointed me out as her internet friend.
'DELL! you came! happy birthday!'

how perfectly good and nigel no friends is that. *hello internet friends. i do love you...

but anyway, LONESOME...

... some things i like about New Zealand.

i can walk to many different beaches with hardly no one around.
it's pretty. the pahutekawa trees are in flower and its green and grey and wild.
people are nice. it makes you feel warm inside.
i have family here. i like family. they feed you and chat to you and give you a hug and muss up your hair.

*thank you all for birthday wishes. you made me smile.


Anonymous said...

Yo Miss Dell!
Late b'day wishes.
A huge jam jar of happiness to you!
Is the weather at least 10 degrees cppler than here??
pen x

rhymes with pony said...

happy birthday and stuff

hell said...

PENE! yay! thank you. i have been wearing a delightful pair of angora socks... keepin me well WARM!

thanks ronan

Bingo said...

I think you'll find that's actually pronounced pookanawahwah trees

all of canadia said...

happy birthday lady
i know you like bananas so.....
we miss you

hell said...

yay angie

keep those monkeys away from my hands!