lego heaven

i was walking home from ACCA the other day when i spotted a cityscape through the waterwall at the ngv. ooo.
upon closer inspection i got very excited, it was all lego. OOOOO.
then i got sad, cause it was a tuesday. and the ngv can't afford to be open on a tuesday anymore.

NOW, why do i keep wanting to go in on tuesdays?

WELL. they have lego. and it's beautiful. this piece by olafur eliasson. go there and build stuff.

lego heaven

i was quite caught up in the kids conversation but managed to build this.


simon made a monkey that looked like a skeleton... he's all right, i guess...


Minta said...

so good to cya the 2 days in a row. i will come for lunch sooon.........or mayb dinna.........??????

adamsawake said...

it doesn't say vs you know

sublime-ation said...

Art and Lego, could it be any better?

The poor NGV. They just can't support 2 buildings, and got caught in a government cross-over, so not much funding. It's sad.