costume party

firstly NEW 07, at ACCA tonight... i love these big shows. and this year my mate nick is in it, so i'm going to toast him and drink champagne and maybe catch a glimpse of some art...

Skin And Bones Closing Party.

Saturday evening from 6-9pm, 17/03/07.
The costumes come to life at the Costume closing party for 'Skin and Bones' at bus. Come in costume to see performances by Hi-god people and members of Paeces and other very special guests. Bar service available.

See you there.
bus 117 little Lonsdale street.

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sublime-ation said...

Damn I have the Art & Australia launch tonight...would love to go to the ACCA one.
My photos on Flickr. Don't know if I can get my mojo up for another fancy dress so soon...