I've been hanging out in the lovely pene's studio. It's full of all types of goodness. I came home with cumquat marmalade and sparkly angora gloves for me and gloves for adam... THANKS ms Durston! we love them... It's very hard to leave that studio without a new list of clever goodies to covet or without a pile of admiration and also some presents.

i think panel are playing at exile tonight, maybe i'll go. i will go see some more art tonight. it's friday night.

This week i went to westspace twice. And saw "one ring to rule them all", by Michael Brennan. here it is with adam in it's grasp...
one ring to rule them all

... and last night the opening of 'rules of engagement', curated by the charming Mr Feary. Westspace has just re-occured to me, since i live in the city.

No, I'm not the fastest pup in the pack.


rhymes with pony said...

great photo.
lets hug some time.

Djali said...

Yes, lets!... oh i mean, can I come too?...Sorry, am I intruding? It's been a long day/week/month... it's just very long sometimes.