cold beverages

you know you're in trouble when you are leaving the supermarket in a daze with 5 types of drink. especially the scientifically formulated re-hydration type beverages. TROUBLE.

oh. our detox lasted about three days. i missed coffee too much, and decided my lifestyle isn't really TOO toxic, so i've since been trying to prove that wrong.

but, i think i'm better today.

we watched 'me and you and everyone we know' last night. i loved it more the second time. less annoying and more inspiring. 'some kind of monster' was like some kind of marathon car crash disaster, fascinating but long and appalling too.

it was my nephew's 13th birthday yesterday. i love that boy like nothing else. time really flies with the kids. jesus, he already has a car and probably a girlfriend. while i still don't even have a licence. now that makes me feel OLD and a little under qualified for life.

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