the science of sleep

I saw it last night in a very sleepy state. I'm renowned for falling asleep in movies. But I didn't sleep, I loved it.
Schizo-metric. HA.
I love Michel Gondry and his all over the shop mentality and sweet sense of humour. Even if it turns out to be a rambling shambling creature, it is charming.

Adam and I were doing research for sleepclub. We have an exhibition coming up in june. oooooh.

Besides, I love sleeping. I might marry it.


sublime-ation said...

Exhibition: GOOD. Happy. Will be there if i am not elsewhere like in the desert, which i may be.

problematic said...

hey little dell,
how are you? i love my stairs and no i havent given up this business, just hibernating, and yes i am in the same place where you visited bird... i cant believe that was going on a year ago. i cant wait to see your show. my L&P project will be up and running in a week or so, so we will have to chat...
that is all.

adamsawake said...

zzzzz (research) zzzzz (scribble notes) zzzzzzz (research) zzz