hello Australia!

I am all bundled up and warm in the new flat. It's a pretty old building and we live on the second floor. We have a bed, some plants, a kitchen! and some neighbours to stare into our window...

out the window

We have been watching lots of old episodes of 'curb your enthusiasm' and 'the office' because it's the only thing we have for distraction. Talk about annoyance in the form of entertainment. Sadly we've watched all of twin peaks, so that pleasing peskiness is all over. The clues are in the woods coop! woot woot!

We were in a group show last week. It went pretty well. Indulged our photobooth urges and did some stitching too. I'm working up to some more embroidery and some more drawing. Should be keeping busy with all this cold. We have decided to stay put here for a few months at least, despite the urge to spend all our money adventuring. Europe. My birthday in Prague or Paris? Nah. Berlin it is.

I'm trying to get work, and find a language school.

Have been to some museums and some galleries. Seeing big art. Making little art. Catching lots and lots of trains... and going to LEGOland...

lala lego


I have some pictures in the a4 art show at westspace, If that last post wasn't obvious enough. Ok.

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sublime-ation said...

That all sounds pretty amazing Dell.
Victoria's coming to Germany in April, while I'm going to miss her terribly you guys could do some Stop.Drop & Roll dancing.
Your exhibition looked cool.