I saw a dead body

It was a shortcut home, but then I didn't want to go that way. I also didn't really want to look close enough into the ditch to know if those blue swollen hands were really dead. Adam looked closer. They did look dead.

The clearest proof I've had that I've seen WAY too much art? As I walked away, pretty convinced he was dead, the three viable options I presented to Adam were, in order of likeliness;

a) He's dead
b) He's very close to dead
c) It is an incredibly realistic art installation commenting on the transitory, lonely and utterly despairing nature of human life. Even artspeak.

Yes I am sorry. Anyway, we walked to the polizei, and told them, we think there is a dead body up the road. Hanz and Fritz took us in the car to find it, telling us to buckle up. When we got there the dead body wasn't dead anymore, it was rubbing it's sore head. Two other boys had discovered him and yelled him awake. We should have done that. Would he have understood our English?

I have seen drunk people looking like they are dead before, but never in subzero temperatures crumpled up in a ditch in wasteland by a river. It's fucking cold out there. I would die. And I probably would want someone to notify the authorities.

The body is alive but it's not okay.

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