It's educational

I've never been very good at looking at specimens in jars, least of all mutated baby animals, but still we went to the Museum für Naturkunde around the corner. It was full of half-pints gauping at dinosaurs and taxidermied exotic and extinct creatures standing around, looking sad and beautiful and wrong. The large diorama's are pretty great, from around the 1920's they have perfect paint by numbers backgrounds and are a delight to see.


One of my favourite things was the mineral collection, with a huge display of otherworldly rocks and crystals. Whoahwhoahwhoah it's magic, you know...



stringbeanjean said...

fluffball museum!!

i must admit to having a fondness for stuffed birdies.
i mean - i prefer them alive and singing and stuff but, yeah, if they was to die..i wouldn't mind one or two in a bell jar..

i've probably said too much..

problematic said...

these are amazing!!! i love museums. it reminds me of all kinds of excellent stories, catcher in the rye, the squid and the whale.
i too love the stuffed birds, and the entomology.
thanks for the polaroid love, i have so so many. i love them dearly. xxx

rhymes with pony said...

Reminds me of the lovely eccentric booth museum in Brighton, england. Booth literally invented this sort of diorama.
great pictures.
also i have a friend in Berlin who has been there for quite a few months i think you vaguelly know him. Maybe you should meet up. He makes lights.