yeah ME, thirty.

I had a lovely day of it too, talking to loved ones and eating apfel strudel with snow in the morning and an amazingly delicious Eritrean feast and beer and cheer...

And yes I was still grinning. and I'm still feeling lucky...

Because my grandma called me, and so did brookie, mum and dad, and cake and pie-man and the lovely and amazing andrea... It's good to hear you...



problematic said...

ahh, im glad you had an excellent day, all that snow! have you seen many excellent snow flakes yet? funny frost? strangly oriented icicles?

yep, mareeba rodeo, one of my favourite days ever. i have a soft spot for mareeba now.


pen said...

saw annie on sunday- she reminded me it was you b'day and then i went and forgot- 'til today!
happy birthday little smiley dell!
i wish you were here so i could give you jam and bake you a cake

sublime-ation said...

happy birthday dellastar