ye olde future dreaming

I'm experiencing a touch of accelerated decrepitude, SO tired.

Yes I'm old,
and maybe it's also winter...

Here's a symptom of age, I love this... The future was prettier in the past... Look at that computer... Then just look at Blade Runner.
It also maybe sounded better thanks to people like Moog, Giorgio Moroder and kraftwerk...

We'll always be together,
however far it seems...
We'll always be together,
together in electric dreams...

Sadly now it's via facebook... Making millions for some genius in silicon valley who knows just the most profitable way to channel crappy advertising directly to us... Probably using maths. Unfortunately I have become addicted to scrabblous, so it's a necessary evil.

I put a page of pictures up here, of things I made... I hate choosing pictures of my work to put up, yet I put all sorts of crap up all the time. Go figure.


rhymes with pony said...

yeah but we love it. :)

i am love electric dreams, sincerity and affection in an electronically mediated world.

i am seriously thinking of deleting my facebook. Especially when i read things like this:

i just like photos and i really wish flickr was free or dropped its price.

anyway miss yoos and im not really going to la


pen said...

if you are old then i'm frickin ancient

Minta said...

whats scrabblous?

Bill Donovan said...

I like the wood stump paintings.

My fathers favorite movie while I was growing up was Bladerunner, Tron is another beautiful futuristic movie. Dont they feel sentimental now?