lets talk about art baby...

Its a tuesday in Berlin and we are home from some big white cube gallery love...

Went to the last day of Martin Parr sunday at C/O Berlin
gross and grand and terribly familiar... not very white cube though... Berlin has some lovely dingy spaces... this is one.

Went to True North at the Deutshe Guggenheim last week, I loved the series by Roni Horn, Pi. A circle of photos set in Iceland, connected and disconnected and repetitive, and dramatic like the blips on the horizon.
And Stan Douglas's work made me wanna get all quadraphonic soundtrack for my next exhibition...

Today we managed about 10 new shows, about a half marathon, one of which was truly horrific paintings; in a nothing really horrific about it, but fuck, it's bad type way... lets not talk about it.

Then a beautiful video installation at DAAD, by Sejla Kameric, 'WHAT DO I KNOW' I left feeling it needed a harsh edit, but then was told it was a 15-minute short film extended to a 23 minute 4-part installation, GOD, no wonder... why does art need to be more impenetrable than film?

Enjoyed the show at ngbk, Don't Worry, Be Curious, ARS 4th Baltica triennial of fotokunst, complaint choirs, collages and beautiful photos.

At the show paper 8 at Upstairs Berlin there was one really beautiful detailed ballpoint drawing by Butt Johnson which also made me quite happy, old school still life stying, lovingly rendered games consoles. Go to his website for more, like this weird portrait of kermit in repose...

I forget the rest for now. Oh September gallery had something going on, which means I liked it, but have lost all ability to talk about art, baby.

Let's talk about you and me. I hope you are well. It's an amazing day here, I'm going outside.


Minta said...

my dreams are blooming films and they are often better then the big movies screens. Sometimes i go to the movies and say hey my dream was similar to this but heaps better....fuller characters and much more amazing special affects.

rhymes with pony said...

great post. sounds fun.
thanks for all the links!
I like your new colour scheme,