big day

Went for a walk through the tier garten, saw a brown mouse in the bushes and amazing Mandarin ducks and Canada geese. Had breakfast by the canal surrounded by people drinking giant beers and eating salty bretzels.

Walked around the outside of the zoo and caught peeks at flamingoes, vultures, a cassowary, storks, camels, hairy mountain alpacas, and best of all, springy baby goats and a pair of giant hairy donkeys.

Caught the train to kreutzberg, got our first train fine by the friendliest tram police ever, walked through the park, drank beer in the sun, watched dogs and punks fighting, and people BBQing.

Came home to hard drive meltdown disasters. All is not good in the land of precious data and photos from the last 6 months. Unable to watch any episodes of Lost or Scrubs as a diversion we were forced to entertain ourselves by cutting up cardboard. Now we have super glue for fingertips and a kitchen table that looks like edward scissorhands lives here.

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