The Berlin Biennal opened last week, so there's a hectic art schedule. Have seen a million shows, and haven't even been to the main venues yet... Last night we went to the opening of Pushwagner at the Schinkel Pavillion. Pretty amazing to see, in the grand honeycomb ceilinged octagonal space, crazy detailed, huge mad paintings of the apocalypse. It seemed kind of perfect to me, GDR modernism meets sci-fi stage set presenting apocalyptic visions. The man himself looked pretty sharp last night, here he is, fresh* off the internet...

Went to the Kunstlerhaus Bethanian for open studios, saw some beautiful work and got some studio envy. Saw some BAD stuff too... It's hard to have much recall. I've been pretty vague, hopefully I remember some of it.

We are making plans, moving to The Netherlands in June for two months in a studio, thinking of packing up in a month makes me feel abit sad and anxious... But excited, we are going to live on a street between canals full of sweet little boats and beautiful old buildings. How delightful.

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sublime-ation said...

Jealous of the Amsterdam thing, that is one of my dreams, living on a canal...t'will be great.