entertaining the monkeys

We've been watching Metalocalypse, in between annoying old LOST... pretty good... Metalocalypse that is... Dethklok Dethklok DETHKLOK... They have such good faces for cartoons...

Adam is nursing some injuries, trying to cultivate impressive bruises... He is also playing some game with persistent atmospheric loops and horsey sounds, and when I look over his shoulder I just see a flapping cape (bad sign) in the woods, a sword fight with a lady in a swimsuit and some smoking fires, and I ask about the object of his game, and he doesn't know... 'maybe just to kill the others...'

Anyway it's kinotag so we are going to the movies... OMG big screen... Like tv... But bigger, and more discerning, kinda.

* we just saw 'be kind rewind' and have vague plans to swede a music video or something... Also, I am a little in love with Mos Def and Michel Gondry...

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