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we are number one tourists

We visited Potsdam, which is lovely... Sanssouci Park & the Royal Palaces... A picnic in the pleasure gardens, peeking at gilt tea houses, Roccoco extravagance and a marble statue every few metres, precocious cherubs, lusty young men and maidens, gods and romans. I swear there were thousands of them... Climbing the manicured terraces and wandering about aimlessly in appreciation of trees shaped like pyramids and mushrooms and knobbly old beasts... We had our eyes out for pilze, but perhaps a little too distracted for that... We didn't go inside any palaces, palaces are closed on mondays, which is why there weren't too many people there, which was nice...

I was surprised how easy it is on the train, and how close. I've got to get out of town more, also got to look around town more, as I get this horrible feeling I'm running out of time here... I hate that, despite looking forward to the other stuff. Holland and HOME.

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Adam said...

plenty of adventures to go yet kid