I've been doing some vague research on mythology, triggered by a picture and discussion about the Klabautermann, A helpful ghost of the Baltic sea, dressed as a sailor smoking a pipe, assisting sailors and fishermen and rescuing men overboard, not to mention an unsupressable musical talent....

After reading of the nixie I was reminded of an aboriginal river mermaid, I came across (read about) camping in the southern Queensland hinterland, can't remember if it was 'york york' or 'yawk yawk' but it's got me reading a bit on aboriginal mythology and reminded me of these stories I loved as a kid of the spirits and creatures who formed the land.

We would talk about Damarri, who laid down to form the mountain as we drove by it. And I distinctly remember Lake Euramo and an overwhelming feeling of wanting to stay away, it had swallowed up people, since it's beginnings. All those beautiful lakes did. And if you swim in Lake Eacham on a day the tourists are away or on a rainy evening you get the feeling the stories are right.

Stories of the female spirit at the boulders who called out to her lost love and lured young men to the waterhole, only to drown them amongst the treacherous rocks. Easy to believe when told them by your father at an impressionable age. Makes me curious to go back there, see if I'd still feel that way.


pen said...

sure the Klabautermann wasn't a trannie port doxie?
'hello there sailor? wanna a kiss?'

Minta said...

16 people (i think one of them was a women the rest were young men) have drowned at the boulders.
I remember that story as a kid too. Except i love the boulders because of it and i thought i was safe cause i was a girl.

Have you seen a min min light?
I was told not to follow them as they enchant you and you will get lost forever.
last time i saw one was mustering.
love from smelbourne

dell said...

Except i love the boulders because of it and i thought i was safe cause i was a girl.

yeah, I loved it & felt safe too...

min min lights... ooh... magic...

sublime-ation said...

It's 'Yawk Yawk', they feature heavily in Arnhem Land.
They pronounce it funny though, more like 'yak yak', I think...I also love the Mimi or Mimih spirits, cause when it's windy they can't go out cause their necks snap, so all the kids play up when it's windy.