we get around

I just got around to reading this interview regarding lost in the woods, which brought back memories of working in the perspex mines, hi Simon.

It's been a fun week, monday in Rotterdam on bikes, tuesday & wednesday in Amsterdam with kids, thursday in Dordrecht for dinner parties and grappa, friday in the Hague for the sculpture exhibition and kids, and we are back today in rainy old Dordrecht. It is literally bucketing down right now, though the sun was shining when I rode to the market this morning. I bought plump cherries, fish, limes, coriander & ginger & fresh stroopwaffles & more smoked cheese. It's good to have a fresh food market just around the corner. I tried the famous herring this morning, dangling it down my throat, just like a filthy sailor just off the boat, but I couldn't keep up the pretense. It's just not my thing, anchovies may be the only salty little fishes for me.

One busy week and time seems to be flying again. Only a week til Brooke arrives! Hope it's not raining then, as we have bike plans and boat plans and you know, it's summer. We are going to the beach, then to Paris, then we come home, in September. It's feeling like it's sooner rather than later.

The sun is shining again, and I am going to ask for Paris tips from any and all of you. I'm also going to put up some photos from this week.

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