Stedelijk museum was our piece of Art pie. We didn't have enough time really, which was a shame as I was enjoying it. Particularly the video works in docking station and the deep screen exhibition 'All that is Solid Melts into Air' by Mark Boulos, I think it is being shown as part of the Sydney Biennale too, If you're there. A striking two screen documentary face-off highlighting the colonization of petroleum resources, through footage of Nigerian guerillas and American futures traders on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

I was transfixed by Meija Lin's 'Lost Paradise', a bored naked couple in a computer generated garden, rocking on, smoking cigarettes and passing time. It was beautifully desolate and presented on three screens, with random elements relating to musical cues.
And Gabriel Lester's video landscapes in 'choreography' with disarmingly erratic but consistently robotic camera moves. There were also large drawings by Jasmijn Visser which I found really pleasing, vast diagrams of objects gradually morphing from containers, to hot air balloons, to kites, cranes, cassette tapes and ferris wheels.

We also visited the Frozen Fountain, looking at some beautiful expensive things. Like giant knitted pouffes and rugs by Christien Meindertsma who I spoke about here, and Hella Jongerius' beautiful bottles and amazing animal platters... I've just trawled through her website for all sorts of inspired projects, knitted bottles being a personal favourite. Lovely textiles all over the shop, beautiful woven fabric cushions, tea towels and knockout dining tables. All things I can appreciate but will never be able to afford. A look is good though.

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