on the train

We caught the train to the country. It reminded me of this quote from 'The Great Railway Bazaar' written by Paul Theroux in 1975, which I just finished reading...
At my lowest point, when things were at their most desperate and uncomfortable, I always found myself in the company of Australians, who were like a reminder that I'd touched bottom.

HA. I loved the train trip, It's all tough grey green trees, dusty brown paddocks and black cattle. I was kept amused by the antics of teenage Crystal and Coral bickering with there UDL drinking mother, constantly texting for the hour and a half trip, jumping off at each stop for a quick ciggie. It's like tv (equally appalling) when sat face to face with strangers for the duration.

Adam's uncle lives in a beautiful lush valley at the bottom of a pile of giant boulders in the mountains. There are spring blossoms and fresh baby LAMBS, a horse and koalas, grape vines and giant gum trees rustling in the breeze. Also a verandah and hammock to lay about on listening to the birds. Talk about a racket. Cockatoos, Kookaburras, Galahs, Eagles, Currawongs etc.

We sampled far too much of this years vintage and slept through a rainy morning. It's so beautiful it makes me more than a little melancholy. Then we came home. On an empty train through fields full of grazing and lazing kangaroos. I think I feel better now.

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