There may be looting...

We've had some pretty amazing apocalyptic sunsets over the last weeks, and dusky pink sunlight in the morning. It's still smokey.

holey smokes
Our new backyard completes the vision with a huge expanse of concrete and fences made of scrap iron, a shipping pallet, skip wood, and the shopping trolley full of beer bottles, not to mention the piles of boxes heaped up in the corner. How does it come to this? We can be so civilized...

Well, we needed wheels to pick up some bricks to make a garden bed to grow some herbs and some beans (gammy wheeled trolley was possibly a hindrance, but no matter)...
The pallet is going to be fashioned into a daybed (sometime this week, I promised) and the beer bottles are merely due to an ongoing celebration/commiseration that Adam now has a full-time job.

We ARE much more civilized, thanks mostly to a bookcase from Ikea and a kitchen bench made by Drew and maybe Dale at Rock Martin. Thanks Drew, ye of the handsome heavy furniture. We love the bench.

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