indigo girls

I dyed some things blue, which is actually a good thing. Unlike Zoe and Pene, I like blue. I also liked going to the op-shop looking specifically for things to dye blue, as I have no white things hanging around.
Indigo is freaky plant magic. And I was quite happy to watch the ladies of the Plant Craft Cottage* mixing up the batch of dye. It looks like weird sickly yellow soup, but when you lift the fabric out it slowly reacts to the oxygen turning special blue. Cool.
And weirdly when you put it back in the dye to make it darker, it comes out yellow again. All that blue colour gone! waaah! where! ooooh! look! its back and its darker. PLANT MAGIC.

Alex showed us some videos, I wish I could remember what it was called, the first one with the colour coordinated dancing rainbow finale (they did grub dancing across the sand amongst other things) but unfortunately I have no brain. Lucky it was an age and skill level discriminate workshop. Melissa turned up, stripped off her skirt to dye it and said she was hoping it didn't turn out too hippy. All this hippy tie-dye! HaHa. I bet it did turn out hippy. There'll be a drum cirlce in craft victoria in no time. Oh, there is. A Chicks on Speed drum circle. For the love of the object instrument. Friday night. See you there.

*The Plant Craft Cottage is in the botanic gardens and I wanna hang out there as they all remind me of my grandma.


cake said...

I love the Botanical Gardens

dell said...

I love my grandma

jd said...

i fell in love with majorelle blue in marocco-am sporting a ludicrous berber blue scarf in london on the back of it!


pen said...

strange, though I don't like blu,e I love indigo!
I know weird!
I don't view it as 'blue'!!