Craft Victoria is hosting a whole Chicks on Speed extravaganza at the moment. I really like the idea of these workshops, and I'm sorry I missed the LUMP OF CLAY workshop with Irene Grishin-Selzer. I am loving playing with clay lately. Unfortunately I had school.

bad apple
Now I've sorta finished school I'm free to be an indigo girl. Yep, tomorrow I am dyeing something indigo, and If you know me you know I'm not against abit of tie-dye or group craft activity or even electroclash. So I'm there. I also love the sound of
this FOR THE LOVE OF THE OBJEKT INSTRUMENT workshop with Dylan Martorell and Chicks on Speed. Anyone wanna come with me? We could make beautiful music together. Or retarded musical instruments at least.


lauren said...

how awesome is the COS extravaganza! their performance was awesome and i'm sooo looking forward to seeing the theramin when it's finished.
i'm hoping to be there on Friday night (which reminds me to book in hella soon) - excitement plus!

dell said...

yay! I'm going to try book tomorrow.