A cavern of crystals

I've just been on the guardian website, where the Turner Prize nominees have just been announced.

One of whom is Roger Hiorns. It was Pene who first showed me images of his work Seizure, where he occupied a condemned flat in London, coating every surface in copper sulphate. Coppery blue crystals encrusted the whole space, turning it into a dark and glittering cave. At the time we were working on Grow Wild and I had been googling crystal growing recipes as a possible element of my work. I had been having memories of primary school science and the wonder of crystals forming in the cupboard. Obviously after seeing this, I left them be.

Into the blue ... Detail from Seizure (2008) Photograph: Marcus Leith

It's such an alluring transformation of a space. I love it. I also love Vauxhall, from 2003, where he placed an ordinary looking drain in the Tate Britain's Sculpture Court and then set fire to its liquid contents.

Photograph: Tate Photography, David Lambert/Rod Tidman

It all makes me wish to be on the other side of the world looking at art. I guess I'll just look at it here.

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Adam said...

also, it eats stuff away. i liked the engine